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Yacht Provisions & Grocery Supplies in Central & Northen Greek Ports

ZAK SHIPSTORES Yachting is the ultimate service provider for yachts arriving in Greek ports. Dedicated to ensuring that our service is carried out in a professional and timely manner. We know that good food is essential to any yacht owner. Our provisioning is based on variety of food and beverages in order to meet your individual catering needs. We provide wide range of quality food, fine wines and spirits, other beverages and any other materials you need on board..

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Our company offers Greek products as they are an important aspect of our culinary culture. The Greek virgin olive oil is considered to be one of the best in the world. Honey, wine alcohol, vinegar, herbs, spices and many more traditional local products are part of a complete taste exploration challenge. We are able to bring the delights of the Greek cuisine on board your vessels. Our goal is to be the first choice and point of reference for traditional Greek products. Our team has scoured the breadth of Greece in search of the finest local producers. Therefore, we can guarantee their quality and authenticity.

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